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What is exit intent?

With an intent exit popup, you can trigger a popup of promotions to appear when a visitor intends to leave your site. This is a very effective promotional method to prevent your site visitors away before they make a purchase.

How does this work?

You simply install Zillafy in your Shopify store. Then set your exit intent popup configuration (you must login to access this page) as well as your popup design(you must login to access this page). This will automatically add a popup script to the front page of your store. And a popup will appear when the user wants to exit or close your Shopify store.

Why exit intent popup don't appear in my store?

There are several possible causes that popups don't appear. This should not happen if you have set the configuration (you must login to access this page) and selected the design (you must login to access this page) of your exit intent popup. If the error still occurs, this possibility is due to your internet connection. You can do traceroute to check your connection.

It looks like this app inserts the script into my store, is it when I uninstall Zillafy, the script is also deleted?

Yes, when you uninstall Zillafy from your store, the script will be automatically removed from your store.

Does exit intent work on mobile?

Yes, but this does not always work because there is little difference. Instead of tracking mouse movements, eexit intent will detect the scroll event on the user's phone. When users scroll down, we assume they are reading the content in our store and nothing will happen. And when the user scrolls up to the start screen, a popup will be triggered to appear.

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