How It Works?

Prevent Your Customers Go Before They Purchase!

Editable Design

Specify your own promotional titles and messages. Also set the main color of your popup. Make sure the main colors match with your Shopify store.

Fully Responsive

Responsive design ensures your popup messages are visible to all your visitors no matter what device they use, desktop, tablet or mobile.

Effective Marketing

Exit intent is an online marketing strategy that is very effective and proven to increase your sales conversions.

Exit Intent Popup

With an exit intent popup, you can trigger a popup of promotions to appear when a visitor intends to leave your site. This is a very effective promotional method to prevent your site visitors away before they make a purchase.

How it works is, first you have to install Zillafy to your Shopify store. After that, set your exit intent configuration on the dashboard page. The Exit intent configuration page contains some forms that you need to fill in, such as promotional title, message content, coupon code, forward button, exit button, and whether you want to enable exit intent popup or not.

After setting the exit intent configuration, then you should set the exit intent design view on the design page. Here you can select an available theme and define the main color of your popup design.

Automatically, Zillafy will insert a popup script to the front page of your store. In desktop device, a popup will appear when visitors hover their mouse cursor over a tab in the browser. Assuming if they hover over the top tab, then most likely they will close your store tab. As for mobile devices, a popup will appear when the visitor scrolls down, then scrolls again to up. Assuming that when they scroll up on the first view, they will most likely intend to leave your store.

Configure Exit Intent PopUp

After installing Zillafy, you can go to the Dashboard page to manage the Exit Intent Popup content. In the "Title" column, enter the title of the campaign you want. In the "Message" field enter an interesting promotional message. Use short, clear sentences, and go straight to the goal. In the "Coupon" column fill in the coupon code you want. This code will be used by visitors when they will make a payment.
The "Continue Button" and "Exit Button" columns are the text that will appear on the "Continue Shopping" or "Exit" button. Status indicates whether the exit intent popup is active or not. The blue color indicates active, and a popup will appear if the exit intent scenarios is met. The gray color means inactive, the popup will not appear even if the exit intent scenarios is met.

Setting the Design

Once done with your exit intent popup configuration, next is to handle the popup design. Choose the primary color of your exit intent popup. Make sure the colors match the theme of the store you're using. Then select the available display design. There are many design themes available. Customize with nearby events or big days such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Idul Fitri Day, Halloween Day, and so on.

All completed! After you set the content and design of your exit intent popup, then Zillafy will embed the script into your store. And an exit intent popup will appear when the exit intent scenarios is met.